Client centered reproductive care for everyBODY

Preconception Counseling

Affirming and respectful support from the start

People seek preconception counseling for a variety of reasons. Some people conceive with donor sperm while others conceive with sperm from a partner. For those conceiving with donor sperm there are often a lot of logistics to address and the timing is very specific. People who are planning to conceive with sperm from a partner may want to access preconception counseling before they ever start trying or they may want to address specific fertility challenges. In order to meet people’s needs across a variety of circumstances I offer two different types of sessions. Planning Family Sessions are for folks who aren’t ready to start trying yet but want support in decision making especially around donor conception. Fertility Consultations are for people who are ready to start observing their cycles with the intention of trying to conceive at some point.

Planning Family Sessions

These highly customizable, non-clinical sessions are tailored to meet your specific situation. Some common themes include:

  • Overview of donor conception and breakdown of individual steps
  • Discussion of how to access sperm
  • Known donors v sperm bank donors
  • Known donor agreements
  • Second parent adoption
  • Decision making around who in a partnership should get pregnant and when
  • High level description of methods of conception
  • Alternatives to pregnancy including adoption, surrogacy and fostering
  • Relationship to gender during conception, pregnancy and parenting

Fertility Consultation

Initial Fertility Consultation

In these sessions we dive deep into your health and reproductive history and I offer extensive education on the menstrual cycle, conception and early pregnancy. These sessions also include:

  • Review of any charting you’ve already done
  • Thorough explanation of methods of conception including indications, requirements and efficacy of each
  • Thorough explanation of fertile signs including how and when to observe for and document them
  • Development of a custom plan regarding which fertile signs to track and how to track them
  • Discussion of goals, intentions and timeline

Follow-Up Fertility Consultations

After the Initial Fertility Consultation, we’ll continue to follow up as frequently as you need. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and we’ll develop strategies to optimize your chances. These sessions include:

  • Review of charting since our last meeting
  • Opportunity to process logistical and emotional experience gathering biodata
  • Retroactive assessment of ovulation
  • Identification of emerging patterns
  • Timing for conception attempts in the coming month
  • Analysis of the health of the cycle and factors impacting overall health

Preconception lab work is also available for folks in Knoxville, TN.

Pricing & Availability

Available remotely via video chat

Initial Fertility Consultation: $150 Follow up: $75 Planning Family Session: $75

20% discount available for BIPOC and folks who are eligible for SNAP benefits