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Libby Colsen, CPM

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I’m Libby, a queer, Certified Professional Midwife offering preconception counseling remotely, home insemination in the southeast, and postpartum services in Knoxville, TN. I believe that midwifery connects the profound wisdom in our bodies with the collective health and strength of our communities. In order to address the serious disparities in reproductive care affecting People of Color and queer and trans folks, we need broad structural change. Midwifery is a vital component of that transformation. Therefore it’s my intention to provide care that is culturally relevant, gender expansive and deeply connected.

I graduated from a MEAC accredited program at Maternidad La Luz, a midwifery school in El Paso, TX. In 2018 I became licensed by the North American Registry of Midwives and the state of Tennessee. For two years I worked as a staff midwife in a busy homebirth practice here in Knoxville. With the creation of Lumen Midwifery I’m delighted to put my passion for health equity into fertility and conception work. Originally from Boston, I now live in South Knoxville with my partner Sean and our twins, Ocean and Sequoia.


Libby combines her years of experience and clinical judgement with a sincere, personal touch. She advised me before I started trying to conceive on what to do to take care of my body to have the best chances of conceiving. I feel very lucky to have gotten pregnant on the first try, thanks in part to Libby’s evidence-based consultation. Working with Libby before I got pregnant was a joy and gave me such a good head start in my healthy pregnancy.

Kate Berkley, MA

Libby’s preconception care was comprehensive and compassionate. She provided insight and valuable resources for our unique situation and was available to go over my charts in real time. She midwifed our family into conception and we are eternally grateful.

Maryann Cayey, Puerto Rico

Libby was the most knowledgeable and flexible cervix whisperer we have ever had the pleasure of working with (we’ve been seen by a bunch of them). When we came to Libby we already had one kiddo but were struggling to get pregnant again. Despite the fact that we had already done this once and were using ALL the fertility tracking methods under the sun she still taught us a number of things! When it came to the actual IUI she was knowledgeable, calm, affirming, and consent centered. We got pregnant on the first try with Libby!

Carisa Bilouxi, MS